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Who we are?

The Social Innovators Network was created in March 2020 within the Coronavirus period, following the quarantine and the isolation measures taken by governments to hinder the spread of the contamination, since then the Social Innovators Network supports community-led initiatives providing solutions on the ground with direct impact on communities and on policies to face different crisis.
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We facilitate, connect, advocate, and raise awareness of the role of social innovators in society, in times of crisis.
We are a leading 100% online community led program for social innovation from the global south.
We solve social problems and challenges using co-design and collective intelligence using digital tools.
We harness the power of social impact within our partners and community of practice.

We focus on the global south


Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
John Doe

Khaoula Behi


Create a space for social innovators to build resilient society.

Josh Clark

Wissal Askri

Project Manager

Being a part of a network that strive to stand up a global scale to be the new normal, that couldn't be more then the best learning experience and fulfilling of my personal growth.

Mary Jane

Asma Gammoudi

Communication Manager

The social innovators network gave me the chance to connect with real innovators and see real impact.

Nix Maxwell

Marwen Dridi


I believe that the first step of evolution is an innovative solution, and being part of the network gives me the chance to make the change, to act in order to create real social impact.